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Monday, 29 January 2018

Arkhome now in Spanish and English

The Great City of Arkhome is really the crown jewel of my Last Sun setting. It was the city where the PC party spent the longest time of any single place in the massive world. It was the most detailed. And even though it's now been a few years in real-time since the campaign has been there, it is still a place fondly remembered by those players who were there.

It's also a part of the Last Sun setting that needed two RPGPundit Presents supplements to be worthy of describing it in full. The first one has now been out for a week in English.

Now, if you're a Spanish-speaking gamer, the first Arkhome book has also come out in Spanish!

"La Gran Ciudad de Santuario" is now available in Spanish on DriveThruRPG, or at the Precis Intermedia store!

In English or Spanish, if you want to check out some awesome random gonzo gritty city-generation tables, some interesting groups and factions, and a truly weird and wonderful city setting to put whole-hog or piece-meal into your game world, be sure to check it out!

And if you prefer English, get it here!


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