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Friday 19 January 2018

What's Actually in Lion & Dragon (still Rising the Top-10 Charts!)

So Lion & Dragon is still gaining ground in the RPGnow Bestseller list! As of this morning, it had climbed back up to #8! This is amazing for a product that got knocked out completely due to RPGnow's "mistake", to not only make it back on the chart but to make it back all the way to #8.  And it's all thanks to you, dear readers! Thank you to everyone who bought the game and to everyone who reviewed the game and to everyone who shared the link. That last one is SUPER important and the very best way you can help me (aside from buying the game itself) because that lets other people get a chance to see the game!

So please, share the product link!  Let's see if we can somehow make it into the top-5! Man, that will piss certain people off. And if you're a fan of my books, you're probably not a fan of those people. So come on, let's get some people salty!

Now that my beautiful hardcover L&D book has arrived, cracking it open reminded me of something I wanted to share on here: the table of contents. I figure that might help some of you work out just what's in the book and in what proportions. So, here it is:

(click the image for a clearer view)

At some point I'll write up a full authors-notes review of the book, but for now, remember that if you have any questions about Lion & Dragon you can always feel free to ask!


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