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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Last Sun: The Gazetteer of the Middle-Northern Wilderlands

Today, I present to you not just a new RPGPundit Presents issue, but also the first setting supplement for my Last Sun setting, taken from the annals of my infamous and much-blogged-about DCC campaign!

RPGPundit Presents #15: Last Sun: Gazetteer of the Middle-Northern Wilderlands presents the very first descriptive introduction to the very first area explored in my DCC Last Sun campaign, about four years ago. In this small supplement you'll get an overview of the region and its many wonders and dangers.  Learn what wiped out the human race in this region. Find out about the Feral cannibal-halflings of the Last Sun, learn about the Hipster Elves of the Rose Dome, and much more!

Note: you also get a large (75-entry) 0-level occupation table tailored to this area, though it could probably be used in any hipster-elf heavy gonzo post-apocalyptic fantasy setting!

So be sure to check it out! Your first hit of the Last Sun campaign setting will only cost you $1.99! That's cheaper than a shitty coffee and like at least $2 cheaper than a super-shitty marvel comic!

Pick it up on DriveThruRPG or on Precis Intermedia's Web Store.

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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  1. Great, that's where Bill is from, if that can be considered something good.

    In February it will be 5 years, that we have been playing the campaign.

  2. Crazy, I'll bring cake in February with a big 5 candle.