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Monday, 19 February 2018

The Frantabulous Gonzo Robot Generator (now Multilingual)!

So, I already posted here last week about my RPGpundit Presents #19: the Frantabulous Gonzo Robot Generator. It's an awesome little product if I say so myself, letting you create random robots with a gonzo flavor for your OSR Gonzo Fantasy or Gonzo Sci-Fi needs!

(it also has the stats for BOLT-0, the legendary Robot NPC from my DCC Last Sun campaign)

Anyways, you get all kinds of tables, not just for generating robot stats and special abilities, but also name, purpose, desires and hobbies.

And now, you can get it in Spanish!

El Fantabuloso Generador Gonzo De Robots  is now available from DTRPG, or here from the Precis website.

"Crea robots, androides, cíborgs y otras entidades artificiales para juegos OSR de temática gonzo (u otro tipo de fantasía). Ya sea máquinas sin conciencia o robots inteligentes, esta colección de tablas aleatorias pueden generar una gran variedad de modelos, nombres, formas y otros rasgos."

So, check it out in either language!


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  1. What system are the BOLT-0 stats in?

    1. OSR stats. Anyways, it's not like his stats as such are anything special. That's always been part of BOLT-0's charm. He's not super-powerful, he's in the form of a bolt-tightening robot. It's his history and personality that makes him so awesome.