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Monday 25 March 2019

My DCC Campaign Is Six Years Old!

So, yesterday my DCC Last Sun campaign officially turned 6 years old!  That's not the longest campaign I've ever run, but it is still quite an accomplishment.  I'll note too that a lot of my campaigns are in the 'winding down' stage by the time they turn 6 years old, but the Last Sun campaign is still going incredibly strong.  We currently have 7 dedicated players, and the adventures just keep getting crazier.

To celebrate, we continued with our annual tradition (started and handled by Bill the Elf's player) of eating an anniversary rogel cake!

(Bill the Elf with his Insulin-apocalypse cake)

This year there were also several gifts. A cool new dice box and some more dice for my big supply of random dice for my players to use (those that don't want to bring their own dice set to my games), which was also provided by "Bill".  And the Mexican Sky-Cleric's player (formerly the Vegomagus) brought a cheap shitty copper wire sculpture he was conned into buying by some random hippie.

Catboy brought a bag of chips, I think. And yet, he managed to stay alive for yet another session.

Our two newbie players managed to finally get characters to level 1.

Heidi crashed on a sugar overdose, and we had to end the game early.

Anyways, a great time was had by all!

I think my DCC campaign is easily the funniest and funnest campaign I've ever run. It's always a joy to play.  It's also turned out to be remarkably productive for my creative processes.  You can follow my DCC campaign's blog entries right here on this blog, this is the latest one so far. You can read a huge archive of our earlier adventures (up to one year ago), on theRPGsite's RPGPundit sub-forum (you have to be registered on theRPGsite to read it though).

It's also inspired me to write a crapload of Gonzo OSR supplements, which you can find in about half of the issues of my RPGPundit Presents series!  Check them out, they're great!

Anyways, I'm willing to bet, acts of G.O.D. notwithstanding, that you'll be seeing a 7th Anniversary post in a year's time.  This campaign certainly looks like it's not going to be going anywhere anytime soon.


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