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Sunday 3 March 2019

Some More Great Reviews for RPGPundit Presents Books: Saints, and Demons

So I wanted to point out a couple of new reviews that have come up for RPGPundit Presents products.

So Cult of the Saints continues to be a big hit, providing a set of OSR or D&D rules for handling Saints and the intercession of Saints through PC (cleric or non-cleric) prayer, and a list of several dozen historic saints popular in the Medieval period (some of which are still well-known, and some odd ones you've probably never heard of).

Here's a review that came out this week, from Chad K:

"What a great supplement for L&D or any RPG that you want to add Saints to, or give a Medieval flavor. Each Saint is given a history, what their sphere of influence is, possible holy relics and what divine aid they give. Great stuff. I sincerely hope that many of these articles find their way into one book, a Lion & Dragon Companion."

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spiritual spectrum and also the history of this product line, one of the oldest Pundit Presents book, The Goetia, just got a new review too. This sourcebook provides some simplified rules for Summoning derived from Lion & Dragon, and a list of sample Demons with their powers!

Here's the new review:

"72 short write ups of Demons. Appearances & what powers they can grant those strong (foolish?) enough to summon & bind them. Great for any fantasy RPG but even better with Dark Albion, Lion & Dragon RPG.
Hopefully this great supplement and some others are put together in a print bok for Lion & dragon RPG. The Lion & Dragon Companion !
Fun stuff."

So be sure to check these out, and all the other RPGPundit Presents products. At this point if you're a fan of OSR at all, be it the gritty medieval style or the gonzo weirdo style, you're bound to find something to interest you there!

And a big thank you to Chad and everyone else who has shared the products or reviewed them. That's always a big help!


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