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Saturday, 7 September 2019

100 Weird Gonzo Fantasy Features

This week, a simple product: a list of 100 random weird-fantasy or gonzo-fantasy encounters. They include weird creatures, place, items, events, and more!

100 Weird Gonzo Fantasy Features includes things like a magical well, juicy-looking berries that glow, ancient creepy-looking child's doll, porcupine-man looking for a hug, flying pyramids, druid rain-maker, culture seeking to destroy all eggs after a great salmonella outbreak, and even the fortress of the Cyborg Knitting-Circle.

Here's some examples:

-A field of odd multicolored flowers; by day it is harmless, but at night they discharge pollen with unusual mutagenic qualities. Anyone who fails a DC12 Fortitude save will have one random ability score permanently reduce by 1d4, while another random ability score increases by 1d4. This effect happens once per night, and a person is vulnerable to the effect every night they spend there.

-A race of humanoids made out of glass. They are extremely fragile (1hp each), and are generally hysterical whenever they're near heartier humanoids as they are aware of the possibility of being shattered by the more brutish races. They're harmless, with a very peaceful contemplative culture. They have the ability to pick up radio and other communication transmissions.

-A bush full of juicy-looking glowing berries. 7/10 of these will have healing properties, curing 1d4 hp of damage if eaten. But 2/10 are moderately spoiled, causing whoever swallows them to get high (DC13, fortitude, to avoid becoming deliriously intoxicated for 1d6 hours), and 1/10 is outright poisonous (DC15, fortitude, to avoid dying of poisoning in 1d4 rounds).

-The Flaming Club is a sacred artifact to a isolated primitive tribe. In fact, they do not have the skill of fire-making themselves, and rely on the everburning flame of their magic club to make fire with. It is a +1 club that is also constantly on fire (doing an extra +1d4 fire damage if it hits, and potentially setting fire to things it contacts). If someone were to steal the club, not only would the entire tribe try to kill the thieves but they would also likely die out without fire-building skills.

-A number of floating pyramids (about 5' tall, float at 50' per round) with eyes on each side. They may be some kind of ancient magical construct, possibly meant to defend some sort of site or treasure, but that site or treasure might not exist anymore. They fire magical beams from their eyes (+5 to hit) that teleport anyone they hit to a random location 1d100 miles away. The pyramids have AC18 and are immune to all non-magical attacks. They have 42hp each.

...and 95 more!

They're keyed by number so that you can roll it up as random encounters, or pick and choose for material to expand into adventure scenarios.

You can pick up RPGPundit Presents #91: 100 Weird Gonzo-Fantasy Features from DTRPG, or from the Precis Intermedia Webstore!   Either way, it can be yours for just $2.99!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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