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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Weird Gonzo Organizations!

In our latest issue of RPGPundit Presents, I go pretty close to full-gonzo while presenting you with 10 weird gonzo organizations!

You can use these organizations in any sufficiently-weird fantasy campaign. The sourcebook is mostly system-neutral, and instead focuses on the organization's history, structure, resources, goals and whatever challenges they might currently be facing.

What sort of organizations do you get?  Here's the list!

-The Loyal Order of Rats

-The International Association for the Advancement of Deceased Persons

-Inter-Species Attractions Anonymous

-The Fraternity of Retired Wizards

-The Radical Anti-Hat League

-The Exclusive Guild

-The International Witch Conspiracy

-The Brotherhood of Famous Adventurers

-The Total Party Kill Support Group

-The Oligarchs Club

Some of these are groups that the PCs can join, if they want. Some are potential allies. Others antagonists. Some are mostly ridiculous encounters.  Some are secret societies, some are public organizations. All of them, however, are weird.

You can pick up this exciting book to plug right into your gonzo campaign, or to spice up your normal campaign with a touch of gonzo, for just $2.99!
You can pick up Weird Gonzo Organizations from DTRPG, or from the Precis Intermedia Webstore!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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