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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

RPGPundit Presents is Back! Medieval-Authentic Bestiary 2!

So, because of changing publishers and some of the setbacks with the (still upcoming) Medieval-Authentic Companion book (which will be coming out soon), we'd suspended publishing the RPGPundit Presents series.

However, now we're back. We probably won't be publishing one each week, but we'll be putting out new ones every couple of weeks, while shifting attention at Spectre Press to develop more compilation volumes (after the first one comes out!).

So, this week, to start us off again, here's RPGpundit Presents #98: Medieval-Authentic Bestiary 2!

Much like in the first Medieval-Authentic Bestiary, here you get a list of 15 different and mostly very weird medieval fantasy creatures, all of which are based on real medieval folklore, legends, and texts!

You get stuff like:

The Urisk: A dangerous fire-breathing fairy creature

The Fae Snail!

The horrific Scytale, a serpent that murders you from the inside without you even realizing it!

The Pwca, a faery shapechanger and trickster

The Onocentaur, half-men, half-donkeys!

The terrible Lindworm, a subspecies of dragon

And many more!

Each entry includes details on the creature's history and origins, where it's typically found, it's habits, behavior and special powers, typical number appearing, and full OSR stats, easily usable in any OSR or D&D-derived game!

So if you're looking for some unusual creatures to add to your campaign that have a long history and a flair of the unusual only medieval minds could conceive of, be sure to pick up the Medieval Authentic Bestiary 2 for just $2.99 at DTRPG!

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Stay tuned for more soon!


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