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Monday 23 December 2019

The Medieval-Authentic OSR Companion is Finally Here!

The RPGPundit Presents: The Old-School OSR Medieval-Authentic Companion!

266 pages of source material for making your DnD-based old-school game more Medieval, including:

5 new classes for your characters, such as the courtier and archer.
Special rules for longbows/crossbows, advanced critical tables, domain management, and mass combat.
Spellbooks and a number of grimoires, including the Goetia and Book of the Art of Hours.
Astrology and the Arcana.
Medieval life and activities, including the history and rule of the Clerical Order, merchant and caravans, and courtly events and intrigues.
The supernatural, including the Twilight Realm of the Fae, cursed artifacts, and sinister supernatural wilderland encounters!

You can pick up the Medieval-Authentic OSR Companion from DTRPG for just $29.95 (Print and PDF!).

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