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Tuesday 25 March 2014

DCC Campaign Update

In this weekend's exciting second-parter to the previous adventure, it was revealed that:

-Being a snail-feeder is one of the least-rewarding jobs possible; to the point that if any drunken maniac asks you if you want to be an adventurer, you'll jump at the chance.

-Taking a shower or using a toilet on Arkhome can sometimes be a deadly proposition.

-Tentacular Horrors are no match for the ethereal armies of Elfland.

-The Halfling definition of "do the right thing" is "betray your trusted ally at the first sign of weakness".

-Giant Crocotoads are a tastier raw-flesh dish for feral Halflings than Tentacular Monstrosity; but neither hold a candle to delicious human-flesh.

-The Torture-Chamber staff of the Assassin King is surprisingly inclusive of Gender and Sexual Preference. Also, his secretarial pool is beyond reproach.

-The Halconlords are extremely good at planning coupes d'etat.

-Gang Wars in Arkhome very quickly get out of hand.

-On the other hand, Halconlords are not that keen on the "sanity" department.

-The Tower of Corpses is just a name, it's actually a decent enough place.

-Halconlords are excellent, however, at cryptic esoteric statements that make no sense but have an air of significance.

-Clerics in Arkhome, or in general for that matter, have a hard life; but once in a while being able to download the Wrath of G.O.D. makes it all worthwhile.

-Halconlords have seen the Ribond, and think soon you will too, and then take up the Halconmask.

-Duke Halcon is a take-charge kind of homicidal maniac; so is his second in command, "the Thrush".

-Ogres make surprisingly good wizards, by ogre-standards.

-Dropping a tub full of man-fat into a swordfight doesn't necessarily make anything better, but it does make things a hell of a lot funnier.

-Some second-parters end up being three-parters.


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