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Sunday 2 March 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

Yesterday we played again; the campaign (which started in game terms in mid-1938) has now reached mid-1943; which means that we've played through 5 years of game time; this has taken about 3 years or so of real time, if I'm recalling correctly.  Its been roughly 75 sessions, more or less.  The characters have become quite developed; some players have joined, a few have left. The campaign has become very rich and familiar.  Its the kind of thing I love about long campaigns.

Anyways, in this session the player characters teamed up with Dr. Mid-nite (a standard NPC, as he's the only current NPC member of the group's team, the Mystery Men), Wildcat, and Captain Triumph (one of the few new heroes of 1943, as the boom in masked men steeply dropped after the U.S. entered the war).

They faced off against a villain known as the Yellow Wasp:

This is a real golden-age villain, and in the original version he's a pretty racist type of figure (in fact, DC has retroactively renamed him the "Golden Wasp", and later "Killer Wasp" to try to remove the anti-Japanese connection).

In my own campaign I made him a little more sophisticated: a Japanese entomologist who used his knowledge to take control of wasps and make them more venomous, then using them to assassinate important individuals in the U.S. war effort.  He was shown as an evil mad scientist rather than just evil because he was Japanese. 

Anyways, the adventure was quite a lot of fun, and left the PCs considering that the Mystery Men might need to try to recruit some new members (including the two players whose characters have yet to join the team).

This session also mentioned the first appearance of the Devil's Brigade, which in the game was presented as a team akin to the Suicide Squad: an elite team of special forces sent to the most dangerous and impossible tasks.   Which they pretty much were, with the notable exception that unlike the Suicide Squad, the Devil's Brigade actually existed.

That's your history lesson for the day.


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