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Friday 7 March 2014

Lords of Olympus Q&A Update

Today we have another question from a Lords of Olympus fan, a technical one but I'm glad to try to help with those too.

So here's the Question:

"I need some clarification: the duration of the ward is the duration of the illusion once triggered or the duration of the ward itself as a waiting spell?"

To clarify for those of you who have not yet bought Lords of Olympus (and if not, why haven't you?!),  what our erstwhile questioneer is asking about relates to the Glamour power.  It is one of several minor powers (including Artificing, Enchantment, Elementalism, and Ineffable Names) which a Player Character (portraying one of the children of the Olympian gods) can have access too.  These are the lower-cost powers, not as impressive as powers only the gods have, but still useful in many circumstances.

In the case of Glamour, it is the power of creating illusions; in the most general sense.  The user can manipulate light, darkness, sound, the appearance of an object or individual, complex illusions that weave light and sound to create a phantasm, invisibility, and finally the detail that is the subject of the question: the Glamour Ward.

The Glamour Ward can "store" an illusion of the previous types, which can then be put into a place or object, and will be triggered only in the event of a certain action taking place.

The question posed to us is whether the "duration" listed for the ward is for how long the illusion will last or for how long the ward will last before its not usable.

Answer:  Its for how long the illusion will last.  The ward will stay in place awaiting its trigger, for however long it takes, and then activate and be spent when the duration is done after activation.  Barring any outside interference (the alteration of that universe's magical laws, some greater power annulling the ward, etc.) the ward can last indefinitely if it is not triggered.

If you have a question of any kind about Lords of Olympus, please feel free to post your questions to this thread on theRPGsite, and you will receive your answers posted on this blog (and the thread) within a week (emergencies excluded).


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