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Sunday 16 March 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

So, in yesterday's game, we had a new PC, the Beetleman, who is a buglike alien come to Earth to try to study humanity.  We also had the notable membership drive for the Mystery Men, wherein every PC finally joined the group.

The adventure involved a conspiracy that reached the highest levels of the (newly minted) Pentagon, the engineered escape of The Fiddler, plots and manipulations from the crafty head of the O.S.S., King Faraday, and a guest spot by D.C.'s own superhero, Black Condor (who's a Senator in his secret identity).

But the real treat of the night was the first appearance of one of my favorite DC Comics villains:

Yes, the immortal 100,000 year old mastermind: Vandal Savage.  He had plotted to manipulate a secret intelligence service to put him in a position (in his false identity) as FDR's potential Vice-presidential candidate (to replace the contentious socialist Wallace) in the next year's upcoming 1944 election.

Luckily, the Mystery Men stopped him, foiling his plot to end up one (ailing) heartbeat from the Presidency.  But they didn't get even close to capturing him, or even to defeating his larger schemes.  Or King Faraday's for that matter, leaving the PCs wondering if the "good guy" isn't just about nearly as bad as the bad guy, this time.


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