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Saturday 17 May 2014

A Day Chock-full of Gaming

I don't really have time to write today, because I have to go rush off to an exhibition about RPGs (along with many gaming events including gaming tables) going on at the Intendencia (city hall) "municipal esplanade".  Yes, in Montevideo the local government is actually funding for a mini-con to be held inside the City Hall itself.

And this just one week after the federal government's INJU (institute of youth) put on an awesome and very successful Con organized by my friends at

Seriously, if you're a gamer and thinking of moving to south america, you couldn't possibly do better than Uruguay.  A great gaming community (quite a few who speak english), and while we don't actually have events every single week, its definitely a place where RPG gaming is still growing, and where you have a networking and level of community you rarely see, that makes it easy to game every week if you want to (and who wouldn't?).

At today's event there's a good chance I'll be getting interviewed, as (since last week) the word kind of slipped out that I'm a local gaming celebrity.  I hadn't been to a con event in Uruguay in years, and the last times I had, maybe 4 or 5 years ago, I did not stand out at all.  Last week, I had scores of people, people I didn't know, youngsters, coming up to me with awe in their eyes so impressed to meet me, particularly for Lords of Olympus which (having been pirated here) has become a big hit (as Amber has been around and very popular here for the last 11 years, since I brought it to Uruguay).

So yeah, that was quite the warm fuzzy feeling.

And of course, as usual, later tonight I'll be running Dark Albion (my homebrew LotFP campaign, where the PCs are currently outside Albion itself and adventuring on the Continent); where the PCs will hopefully finally be reaching Wallachia to confront Vlad Tepes (now calling himself Dracula).  No story of lost-loves here, the real story of Tepes is how he was betrayed by his own brother; having fought desperately to save his country from the Turk only to have his own flesh and blood (like Tepes himself, a former child hostage at the Sultan's court, but who had converted to the Turk's religion) betray him and ruin all his hopes.  So a few years later an army of wolves and the walking dead swept in from the transylvanian forests to massacre the Turk occupiers and the undead Dracula, forever cut off from the light of the Unconquered Sun he once loved and fought for, again rules; having shrouded his principality in mists and darkness and terror that risks to spread to all of the continent, from the mountain peaks of his castle Agnesz ("the Crow's Loft") where he manages his inhuman rule.

Obviously, the PCs are going to kill the motherfucker. Or be slaughtered by him. It'll be neat to see which!


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