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Thursday 1 May 2014

EXTRA: Tonight Pundit stars in the #rpgnet Chat All-Stars!

Starting tonight at 7pm CST (that's CENTRAL, not eastern, standard time), I'll be one of a long list of famous RPG personalities who will be answering questions on the mirc #rpgnet Chat room (note: they are completely unaffiliated with '', the website that was formerly dedicated to rpg discussion).

To get to the chatroom, where you'll get to talk to me LIVE tonight, just click here and then follow the intuitive steps.  The fun starts about 4.5 hours from the time of this writing, so check it out!


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  1. Cool. I am going to be there as well.

  2. All of the talk of The Story is making my eyes roll so much I'm afraid I'm going to hit the hospital.

  3. Well, I straightened them out, mostly. Anyways, the chat is still going on RIGHT NOW. If you're reading this immediately after I posted it, that is.

  4. It seems to me Pundit that you found out that your playing style isn't the way most people play and the way you play/think gaming should be is in the minority. It's fine, because both playing for story and playing the game and the story coming out of it is playing correctly as long as everyone is having fun

  5. Correction to the above: Not Should be in the minority but IS in the minority. Sorry for the mistype

  6. I don't think that's the case. I think my understanding of gaming represents the majority. Its only a minority who are really interested in being "auteurs" or playing a game for the "art of story-making".

    Certainly, I think many regular gamers revel in the stories that come out of RPG sessions (I think almost everyone in this hobby can recall more than one occasion of having to sit down next to some guy who wouldn't shut up about the adventure his character had in a campaign you're not actually playing and don't give a crap about), but that's different from wanting, as a player, to imagine you are designing some grand novelistic piece of literature.

  7. While you may not think that is the case, that was what all of those other game designers who were not agreeing with you were saying. You seem to think that if you repeat your mindset over and over by force or sheer will you are going to change things, but it doesn't work. You didn't straighten them out, they aren't all of a sudden going to adapt to the way you play games because of that chat session. I will bet you dollars to donuts, next time the game, they will game the same exact way. Because that is what is fun about it.

    There is no one true way to play. If you are playing and a story comes out of it, that's playing correctly as long as everyone has fun. If you are playing to form a story and everyone is having fun, you are playing correctly. Both ways you are valid and playing Role Playing Games as long as everyone is having fun.

    And calling people who game the way you game regular gamers and implying that gamers who don't game the way you game aren't is not only insulting but incorrect. They are still gamers, just like you and I. It smacks of One True way-ism (which you CLAIM you don't like) and being insulting (like calling people swine like you did in the chat) will only alienate yourself for other gamers ever more.

    You have been banned from the major role playing game forums (and some game company related forums) for being insulting and swearing at people. What does it take for you learn that this poor behavior doesn't work and only alienates you more?

  8. An interesting post, and so I have decided to dedicate today's blog entry to it. You'll find my answer there, as to why no, you can in fact say that someone is doing RPGs LITERALLY WRONG. Its not opinion, its about logic.

    Finally, no, I'm not banned from "the major role playing game forums". In fact, I've made and own the largest general RPG forum that isn't either commercially-driven or primarily oriented to the service of off-topic subjects. You can play pretend what you like, but my position in the hobby is mainstream enough that thousands of people want to write in the place I CREATED.
    Yeah, I feel terribly terribly alienated with my thousands of rpgsite members, the thousands who read my blog, the sales of my books, and getting paid to tell Mike Mearls what he should do with D&D Next.
    Maybe its all the other guys who are getting alienated?

  9. Actually, I know for a fact that you are banned from the Major Role Playing Game Forums. I know you are not welcome on, the largest rpg forum. I know you are not welcome on enworld. So yes, in fact you are banned from the major forums.

    Yes, you have a busy rpg forum, I won't deny that. But it gets half the traffic or or enworld. You can say what you want but that is provable fact