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Monday 26 May 2014

UnCracked Monday: Twitter Helps Repress "Blasphemy"?

Imagine if Twitter (or any other major website) were to concede to the demands of some fundamentalist Christian organization to censor tweets that were considered "blasphemous" against the Christian religion.  Can you envision the outrage across social media that would result?!

So why would it be any different, when Twitter collaborates with Pakistani religious authorities in the censorship of whatever they consider to be "blasphemy" against Islam?

Its worse actually, because not only are they helping oppressive religious fanatics to get their way in censoring speech, they're also helping a hopelessly corrupt government.

And yet, expect the pseudo-activists to be paralyzed in any opposition to this; their addled brains frozen by conflicting "narratives", their opposition to religious oppression of speech being trumped by their absurd inability to criticize anything non-western.


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  1. As an old-school leftist, I'm as much against Pakistani reaction (or reaction in any neo-colonial country for that matter) as against reactionaries in the West. Pakistan needs modernization and industrialization to make life better for its people, and that requires secularization and the destruction of the corrupt regime. All reactionaries must be opposed.

  2. That's modern "liberal" thought processes for you. It's only wrong if Westerners do it. Otherwise it's "cultural."

  3. The political left of the Western World have become the "Useful Idiots" of Islamist supremacists.

    All any Imam has to do is scream bloody murder and corporations will scurry for cover to avoid bad press or worse from the Muslim extremists.

  4. The social justice warriors that would support it are the reason I went independent. How in the hell can you go against the republican tea parties when you do nothing against social justice warriors of the far left. It is like throwing a stone in a glass house in order to hit another glass house. The stupidity is there and I can't accept it.

    The real sickening thing is that all those protection of the religion doesn't protect the people that happen to belong to that religion. You literally have to get shot in the head to get any media attention unless you decided to say something against faith. Pundit had a blog post of such a person who had every single reason to hate her former religion and the social justice warrior mob cast her out because she spoke bad about religion. That is the real tragedy.

  5. Yes, you mean Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

    1. Pretty much and I was also mentioning Malala Yousafzai who in her small way is fighting against the taliban. Though if Malala was killed during that assassination I doubt she would be news. Amazing girl to survive that and the fact she is still going to school in spite of what she went through is even more amazing.

      You know it just pisses me off. It isn't hard to find sane people who happen to be muslims. Yet what do social justice warriors do? Get pissy when some one attacks bullshit parts of the religion and religious nut jobs. This is the wrong way of doing it. You help the people in that religion, but for the love of god if some one gets abused by zealots don't be attacking that person when they have every damn right to be angry.