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Tuesday 13 May 2014

Golden Age Campaign Character Update

So in our weekend game, the mystery men were assigned to train a new Government Hero, "Captain Flag":

He had been created with a "super-soldier" formula, which granted the previously weak and sickly man great strength, stamina and reflexes.  The team was soon set into motion to try to find an incredibly powerful crystaline monster:

The creature, which was powerful enough to take on and hospitalize most of the JSA, would disappear as mysteriously as it appeared. 

As the team continued their investigations a couple of the team (the Inquisitor, and Prometheus) ran into and got seriously beaten up by a sort-of crimefighter but mostly delusional alcoholic named The Fighting Hobo!

(and yes, the Fighting Hobo was actually a real golden age comic character, and since he was published by the precursor of Marvel, he's technically still a real Marvel Universe character to this day)

What should have been a brief joke turned hilarious when the Hobo managed to hold his own against two of the Mystery men, was later dropped of at the Inquisitor's parish, which he promptly set fire to (believing them incorrectly to be fascist agents of Franco's) and then again fought the Inquisitor, and finally at the climactic battle with the crystalline monster, he got away again when the Inquisitor's van was trashed, and fought him yet a third time (by which point the Inquisitor was actively ignoring the enormous radioactive crystal monster the other Mystery Men and JSA-ers were fighting, focus entirely on dropping the Hobo).  He was finally hospitalized.

Oh yeah, and the crystalline monster? Turned out to be Captain Flag.  The O.S.S. had stolen part of the Canadian Super-Soldier formula (the one used to create the Canadian Shield and Captain Wonder) in the last adventure, when King Faraday had conned some of the PCs into unwittingly infiltrating the Canadian military base at Camp X.  The scientists at Monster Island decided to fill in the missing blanks using some radioactive material they'd found off a meteorite that had crashed somewhere in Kansas. The result was a Super-soldier with occasional Monsterism.

Ah well, back to the drawing board. 


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