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Monday 29 September 2014

Cracked Monday: Belgium's Greatest Pulp Hero

Today, in need of something lighter to take some of the weight off an otherwise heavy week-end, I present you an article on the Mysterious Appeal of Tintin.

I will add the following: Its interesting that Tintin was a boy reporter we never saw report. He solved mysteries, we never actually see him engaging in journalism.  He was, instead, a kind of Avatar for all that was the best part of the spirit of the 20th Century: he believed strongly in human rights, in good versus evil, but he quickly  learned to avoid prejudices.  He travelled all over a world that it was suddenly easier to travel around than it had ever been before.  He saw a whole mix of cultures and civilizations. He saw the wonders of what technology would bring, not just in globalization but in things like the exploration of the undersea world, and the moon. He was Jacques Cousteau and Neil Armostrong all in one. He saw the dangers of world-war but also the way that nations could avoid crises by diplomacy.

In a way, it makes sense that there's no new Tintin stories now. It wouldn't have made sense to continue them, not only because no one could match Herge's genius, but also because Tintin couldn't be the same, he'd have to have become dark or cynical or "exxxtreme!" or politically correct; and mainly, he would have had to show a doubt and lack of confidence in human spirit and progress that the real Tintin never did.  In a way Tintin represents an era of confidence in our values that almost no one of the last couple of generations believes in anymore.  They haven't been taught that way. Maybe because they have no Tintin of their own.


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  1. I love Tintin! Ever since I found it in the school library as a kid....

    I have about 7 volumes of Tintin in hardcover. Love that little dog, too. What's his name?

    Such great stories and artwork.

  2. Snowy, in english the dog's name was Snowy.