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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update: Hitler-Killing Time

Well, it was bound to happen eventually.

In this adventure, in late April '45, the PCs finally got to go to Europe (with the JSA and the All-Star Squadron); where they helped to take down Hitler.

They stole the Spear of Destiny.
They blew up the SS Black Sun HQ.

The Owl and his arch-nemesis Die Fledermaus fell into oblivion together in their Reichenbach Falls moment.

The PCs dropped Captain Nazi 1.4km from the sky, and when they saw he wasn't dead yet they did it again.

One of the PCs teamed up with Gen. Patton (who I'm pretty sure in a comic-book world counts as a metahuman) to kill a Norse Giant the black sun wizards had summoned up.

And Liberty Belle impaled Baron Blitzkrieg with a U.S. flag.

After all, it wouldn't be a Golden Age campaign if at some point they didn't trot off to Europe to kill the living fuck out of some Nazi pieces of shit.


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