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Sunday 14 September 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

In yesterday's adventure, the PCs proceeded through the early days of 1945.  They heard about how Hawkman confronted and defeated a new villain by the name of The Monocle:

Meanwhile, the All-Stars were forced to confront the second major world threat in as many weeks; just as only earlier that same month the supernatural monster known as the Stalker sought to destroy the world, this week the superbeing from the 52nd century known as Lord Dynamo attempted to conquer Earth in the distant past of the 20th century.

Lord Dynamo was not exactly a villain; but a hero from the distant future, faced with the total annihilation of Earth's population at the hands of the hordes of the Galactic Conqueror Brainiac 7; he attempted to move all of the 12 billion people in his charge back into prehistory as a desperate last-ditch escape attempt.

However, the All-stars couldn't let that happen, not with the devastating consequences involved, and not with Dynamo and his armies trying to conquer Earth.  Particularly not when they realized a significant part of those armies consistent of revenants, dead soldiers who'd been grafted with cybernetic controls so they could continue fighting from beyond the grave:

Fortunately, there was another time-lost soul in the picture; a young hero from the 30th century who had become temporarily trapped in the 1940s and had just been recruited by the JSA:

Yes, Lightning Lad, from the Legion of Super-Heroes; in a self-referencing moment from my earlier LSH campaign (where LL had briefly been trapped in the 1940s and joined the JSA).

In any case, after discovering that Lord Dynamo (with his electric and psychic powers) was actually a distant descendent of Lightning Lad, the latter had briefly engaged in a ploy (thought up by Mister Terrific) to threaten to die in order to make Dynamo's future never exist; however, in the end a better plan was thought up by one of the PCs, where Green Lantern and Starman teamed up to create a device that shifted all the time-travellers back to their home timeline.

So it went, in another exciting adventure of the Mystery Men!


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