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Friday 10 April 2015

10th Anniversary Classic Rant: That Time the Pundit Killed an Old Woman

It's funny, how in Computerese, an "upgrade" usually means "a more problematic, more space-occupying, less well-tested version of what you already have". Its been like that with computer programs I've "updated" and it is usually like that with online Forum systems. I can't count how many have had massive issues when they try to upgrade to the newer model.

Well, I feel like someone must have upgraded my brain, because writing is a definite impossibility for me today. I stayed up till six a.m. last night, between the gaming and watching of Monty Python episodes and the cheap porn.

Today even the yerba mate is only just giving me this kind of fuzzy awakeness, not really here, not really able to formulate any coherent thoughts, but just barely able to function now, after literally dragging myself out of bed an hour and a half too early because of the sound of drilling in the apartment next door.

A gay couple have just moved into that apartment, at least I'm fairly sure it's a gay couple. It's two guys and only one bedroom. They're both some kind of government employees. I had learnt, to my surprise (from an ex-girlfriend), that where I live ("El Cordon") is the closest thing that Montevideo has to a "gay" neighbourhood, based on there being a number of gay-themed bars to the south of where my apartment is.

Well, bully for them!  I don't give a fuck, I'm mostly concerned that the screaming and playing of loud music in the late hours of the morning will drive them off or get them mad. I'm fairly certain that it's what killed the little old lady who lived there before the gay couple. She was a nice little old lady; with a liking for talking about her grandkids and her love of the local ultra right-wing party.

And then I killed her. 
Not intentionally, but having all night gaming sessions four nights a week and a general "stay up till 4 or 5 am playing loud music and occasionally screaming for no good reason" attitude the rest of the nights will pretty well kill an old person living next door. It was inevitable. Even with the incredibly thick relatively sound-proof walls this building has.

So lets hope the gay couple are fans of late nights.


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(originally posted October 7th 2005)


  1. so you DID kill someone. maybe the swine were right about you after all. ;)

    on an untelated note, I got a message from the swine asking me for advice on how to improve have any suggestions?

    1. fire all the present mod staff. Institute free speech. Shut down tangency.

    2. Hehe, I wonder if somebody already posted suggestions like these...

    3. If they did they were immediately banned, which is why this project to try to save their site is going to be doomed to failure. They're doing it because they see their dropping numbers, and they know deep down it's because of their moderation and the general thought-control shitty atmosphere, and yet they can't escape the paradigm they've created for themselves. The reality-bubble is too strong, there are too many dishonest players (one of their most active mods, after all, is part of a group that mostly want to see the hobby crash and burn and have no interest in anything other than getting chuckles out of causing strife), and they're just generally trapped in a downward spiral they can't get out of (because they ban anyone that suggests anything that could actually stop the decline, getting rid of even more of the reasonable people, and giving even more powerful to the utterly blinded ideological fanatics and self-serving narcissists).

  2. Denial of service attacks. That'd improve that shit hole.