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Sunday 12 April 2015

Traveller Campaign Update: Into the Heart of Heck, or Let's Steal the Elder Gods' Ride

In this adventure, the PCs were in search of ridiculously valuable buried treasure; only to find themselves again being pursued by (the Traveller equivalent of) these guys:

And discovered they'd have to go deep into the heart of this:

Where in the heart of the Maelstrom, they found something like this:

Which is to say, a really ancient, really huge megastarship.  And, being the party that they are, they immediately decided that the new plan was to steal it.

Once inside, they ran into some of these:

Which they proceeded to kill.

Then they found a giant space cannon, which they nearly blew themselves up with.

Then they found an ancient ziggurat/teleporter. With some unusual markings on it:

And they also may have run into the Traveller equivalent of this guy:

Though so far, he hasn't turned out to be much help.

We left it with the group still inside the alien mega-starship, trying to figure out how to make it go.  Again, so they can steal it.   I love this group.


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  1. I loved this after action report, the pictures made it. Looking forward to seeing more. :D

  2. Hey, Pundit, I've never played Traveller myself, but it always struck me as a more serious, hard sci-fi RPG than games like D6 Star Wars or other space games. Fewer aliens, less powerful blasters, more realistic (or realistic seeming) space ships, ect than its competitors. You're doing some pretty high action space opera stuff with the game- how much of that is actually supported by the rules and how much are you making up as you go along?

    1. Virtually all of it is supported by the rules as written, almost none of it is stuff I'm making up.

    2. Sounds like a fun game. I might have to put Traveller on my to-play list, than. Hey, you still looking for suggestions as to your next writing project? How about write this up as a grungy low-brow space setting for the system?

  3. You're doing it right, Pundy. This is very much like the beloved Traveller my friends and I played back in the day. :)

    1. If you say so; it's not really like any trav game I ever ran.