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Thursday 2 April 2015

The New Arrows of Indra Review! (Note: You May Need Google Translator for This One)

So there's a brand new review of Arrows of Indra out, but there's a catch, at least for all you readers of the anglophone persuasion.   The review is on, the really excellent Uruguayan RPG forum, and it's in Spanish.

The "too long/can't read it" version would be that it's generally well received with a few provisos; and particularly the reviewer (the owner of 2d4orcos) feels that Lords of Olympus was the better game. But then, "Filosoforc" is a HUGE LoO fan.

(also, the dude failed to comment on the totally awesome AoI maps, done by the great Rob Conley)

Anyways, if you're a Spanish-speaker (or reader, at least) go check it out, and while you're at it go check out 2d4orcos!  If you're not, but you want another point of view on AoI, google translate has gotten pretty damn good lately.


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