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Tuesday 28 June 2016 Tuesday: Secret Societies Edition

So, this week on, I bring you a list of 21 of the Strangest Secret Societies in History!

You've probably heard of the Freemasons before, and the Knights of Columbus, and maybe the Oddfellows, but now you can get the real historical facts on them all.  Not to mention the Gormogons, Oculists, the Big Swords Society, the Thuggees, The Assassins, the Invisible College and, yes, even the dreaded Bavarian Illuminati.

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  1. If those are "secret societies," why are they so well documented?

    1. Well, some of these weren't technically 'secret societies' but rather 'societies with secrets'. In the case of the others, the fact is human beings are really crappy at keeping things secret.