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Wednesday 22 June 2016

Pictures From Uruguay

So the stupid thing I wanted to share is still not out today. So here are some pictures from Uruguay:

Sometimes, the street art spills up the steps of apartments!

Here are some outdoor tables to a cafe/restaurant a few blocks from my house. I just liked the look of them.

This building is the local public high school.

And finally, here's the working city-man's parilla (barbeque), for sale at a hardware store. You'll note the original design was from a halved barrel. All cooking here is done with wood, not coal, and on top of that anyone with a mind to with one of these could make himself some money.  There's an unlicensed corner parilla a block from my house that's really great.  You can tell it's great, because the Taxi Drivers all stop there to get their chorizos or ribs.

Anyways, that's it for today.


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  1. Where are all the trees, shrubs, and other greenery? This looks dreary. Show us your foliage.

    1. Montevideo has a lot of trees (I heard it was the most 'green', as in tree-covered, capital in South America) though right now its winter (and the coldest in all my time here) so there's a low amount of foliage.
      One of these days I'll get some good tree-shots and show you Rodo park, which is only about 10 blocks from my house and a huge and very pretty green area.