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Monday 27 June 2016

More Pictures From Uruguay!

Well, time for another quick pic-post of images from around my local area of Montevideo!

First off, some more street art.  Check out this laundromat and its aquatic theme:

Next up, I think I may have found Uruguayan Batman's secret lair:

Hopscotch is also a popular kid's game here, still.  This one has a note that "this is the best corner on the planet"!

Since it's on my block, I can't really disagree.

Finally, a peek through the window of the Esmeralda, which is maybe the best 'confiteria' in town:

You can see the pastries from the window, they're incredible.  The Esmeralda also specializes in little sandwiches of different varieties. But their best offering, and something you absolutely should not pass up if you are even in Montevideo, is their "picada".  A "picada" is a selection of small bowls of different foods, mostly finger-foods.  A lot of bars and restaurants have picadas, where what you mostly get are some potato chips, blocks of cheese, some salami, olives and peanuts.  But the "picada" at the Esmeralda is different, it's a stunning selection of a dozen different things: home-made potato chips, peanuts, potato salad, waldorf salad, savory pastries, a selection of their famous sandwiches, your choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, caviar, cheese, mini empanadas, hot cheese sticks, and chicken strognoff, finished off with a desert plate of sweet pastries. And you get all that, often more than you could eat, for under $10 a person.

Well, that's all for today.


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  1. Uruguayan Batman seems a lot jollier than the Gotham one...