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Thursday 27 October 2016

An Unusual Lords of Olympus Review

So, I've just yesterday been informed of the publication of an interview I gave. An unusual interview, about Lords of Olympus.

Mainly, it's unusual because of the interviewer! He's not an RPG blogger or forum poster. Not an RPG industry guy at all.

Also, he looks like this:

This is Hercules Invictus; afficionado of Greek Mythology, Myth in general, and the heroic journey. Motivational speaker, 'olympian path shaman', and professional e-radio host, as well as Hercules cosplayer (and Samson, from time to time).

Obviously, Hercules was interested in LoO because of the subject of the game. I did not meet him through any kind of occult background (we run in, shall we say, extremely different circles); in fact, he contacted Precis Intermedia asking them for a review copy and to interview the author.

So, if you want to see an interview about me from a non-hobbyist (though he told me later that he has in fact played RPGs), and a non-hobbyist that goes around in a Hercules outfit, check out the "Mythic Gaming Interview: the RPGPundit"!


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