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Thursday 24 November 2016

Final Notice for all the Regressive-Left Swine in the Hobby

Trump's victory proves you aren't needed.

It's what your side most fears: you have become irrelevant.
The emperor has no clothes.
We don't even have to give a fuck what you're saying.

Your calling everything 'racist' or 'sexist' or 'homophobic' ("Captain America is racist!", "RPGs are sexist!", "voicing opposition against a bill to censor the internet is white nationalism", "If you don't agree that the new Ghostbusters was funny, you're a HOMOPHOBE!!") was a gun to the head of culture that has now been shown to fire blanks.

We don't need you.
We don't need your agreement, the way you once tried to use force to make us agree with you.

We don't even need to convince you. We don't need to make bargains with you. We don't need to give up principles for you. We don't need to agree to lies in order to get your permission to do something.

We don't need you to approve or agree. We don't even need to consider what you say, because it's been proven bankrupt.
You don't get to be in control, you don't even get to have a say.

We're just moving on without you; first to Make America Great Again and then to save the western world from its own corrupt Establishment elites.

Everyone hates you.
That's why you lost.

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  2. It's hard to take your political opinions seriously when you're hiding behind a fake online persona in Uruguay. Did you vote absentee, or are you even an American citizen?

    1. I don't have to be an American citizen to celebrate Trump's victory.

  3. Pundit, the Trump victory is going to make the SJW crowd even more irritating. So I wouldn't get too celebratory.

    1. More irritating, sure? More deflated also. Their bubble is burst. Now that people other than me realize that it IS possible to stand up to these motherfuckers, they're going to be doing it en masse.

  4. Trump's victory doesn't equal some RPG advantage or revenge against censoring assholes. I think you and I should be on and promoting a third side. Freedom, opportunity, and progress is neither left nor right.

    1. In the hobby, at this time, all the hobby's enemies are on the Left.

      Not all Leftists are pro-censorship regressives, but these days in the RPG hobby, if you're a pro-censorship regressive, you're a leftist.