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Wednesday 9 November 2016

What a Night It's Been! Plus: A Sliver of Hope for People Scared of Trump

So I've stayed up till the wee wee hours to write this, and as I do, Donald Trump has just apparently gotten a concession phone call from Hillary after she snuck out of her own party without any public declaration.

I watched it all on NBC, which was a marvelous choice, since I got to see all the Establishment Media Propaganda-Prostitutes gradually shift from triumphalism to a slow buildup into a complete meltdown. It got to the point where a totally hysterical Richard Engel was advocating a military coup to stop the results.

And trust me, I'll be doing lots of individual gloating tomorrow and in the coming days. Gloating at the Establishment Democrats. Gloating at the Establishment Republicans. Gloating at the NeverTrump fuckers and their puppet McMuffin, gloating at the utterly bankrupt pollsters who are now clearly revealed to be nothing more than propaganda tools, and at the aforementioned Establishment media prostitutes. And especially at the manipulative fucks from #gamers4her.

But there's time for that later.

This here, right now, seriously isn't meant to be about gloating though; it's a message to those people on the left who are shocked or scared by Trump's victory and presuming the absolute worst.

My message is this:  you all might be surprised. What's more, there's probably two groups that will likely be even MORE surprised than you guys: the extreme Theocons and the moronic-racist wing of the American Right. Because they've completely played themselves thinking that the Trump Train is about them.

Let me give you guys a sliver of hopefulness: Trump is the guy who held up a rainbow flag at a GOP rally and smiled while doing it, and got a bunch of American conservatives to cheer for that. He spoke about defending LGBTQ people at a Republican convention and got raucous applause.  It looks like he got a bigger Latino vote than Romney, and likely a bigger black vote than any Republican in decades (in no small part thanks to an intense amount of personal outreach to black communities and leaders). He also came out for decriminalizing pot (ending the worst part of a drug war that inordinately targets young black men); and he said a transgender person can use whatever bathroom they want in Trump Tower.

If you hadn't heard about any of that, don't blame yourself: for some inexplicable reason, all the Mainstream Media decided to never ever report on any of those things ever. I wonder why?

And he did it all with small donations; he owes NOTHING to any large corporations or foreign governments, or to the media, or to the Republican establishment. If he wants to accomplish anything, he will likely need to make deals across party lines because there will be Establishment GOP standing in his way, and he will be able to do it because the GOP weren't the ones who got him elected.

Trump has changed the entire structure of the GOP and the paradigm of how they operate. He is closer to a New York Liberal than Hillary (while Hillary was much more of a Neocon Establishment Republican than Trump ever was, which is why they all supported her).

So take heart, liberals: there is a chance you all might find Donald Trump to be a lot more palatable than you're imagining and than the scaremongering of the Establishment is currently leading you all to believe. Of course he won't be everything you would have wanted, but Hillary sure wouldn't have either. And he might end up being the most socially and culturally moderate Republican President in most of our lifetimes.


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  1. My one small nitpick here rests upon your comment over the drug war. I think that crack cocaine is likely a much bigger problem for black communities than marijuana. Unfortunately, it's going to be much more difficult to decouple the current stigmas from cocaine and put it onto the path of decriminalization. Marijuana has had much of the work done already in its heavy gentrification. Sadly, I think you gotta thank Whitey for that one.

    I do fully agree with you that Trump is not nearly as conservative as he's been portrayed in this campaign. It was a real boon for him, though, as he let the media do all the work of virtue-signaling to the conservative base of the Republican party for him. He nary had to lift a finger. While they were so busy trying to demonize and polarize him to the Left, it just served to endear him to the Right which - by his history of public comment and action - he was not really much a part of. I think he's pretty Laissez-Faire on most social issues, even on ones that he personally disagrees with. If the People reach consensus to change the course of the river, the Donald will shrug and ride the flow.

  2. It will be interesting having a President who, for a change, isn't interested in feathering his post-Presidency bed with lobbyist dollars.

  3. I live in California so I votes libertarian knowing my vote would not change the results. I was amazed around 6:30 local time when I saw every swing state swinging the opposite way the media had been telling us all year. Can't wait for all the pundits and pollsters to deny being wrong and explain away their utter disconnectedness from the electorate.

    1. 538 notably had Trump at 30% before election night, which was the highest anyone had with an actual model. So as anyone who plays RPGs knows you often miss a 70% shot.

    2. Best was NY Times giving Hillary something like 90% chance on Tuesday morning and then Trump 94% chance around 8 p.m.

    3. Such a swing,it's silly. I'd not vote for Trump but even I could see he threatened Clinton more than that, and I live in Seattle. That's about as blue as you get.

    4. When you tell voters anyone voting for Trump is a racist homophone antisemite facsist and then conduct a poll about who someone is voting for, you should expect you aren't getting honest answers. Many folks just played "undecided" to avoid being shouted down for daring to disagree with the narrative.

    5. I grok that,

      Concerning "the narrative" I was under the impression that it was not so much you disagree therefor you are x'ist. (My fellow liberals are guilty of this too) But that a vote for Trump despite a racist or misogynistic thing said by Trump was tacit approval thereof.

  4. Excellent written love your comments

  5. Not sure how that's relevant. Did fascist leaders always desabalize international politics when they came to power?

  6. I'll be blogging about this whole thing very soon.

  7. The thing I really want to see, is if Trump does, and is capable, of cancelling the Trans-Pacific Partnership as he promised (if I did read this well). So, was it just an empty promise to get votes, or is he really intent on doing it? Then, will the Repubnican senate allow him to cancel it? Then, same question about the trade agreement with Europe, that many people on this side of the Ocean, don't want to see.