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Wednesday 25 October 2017

Come Meet Me TODAY on RPGnetchat!

I'll be doing a Q&A on #RPGnetchat, where I'll be talking about all kinds of things, but probably mainly about my new RPGPundit Presents weekly supplement serial.

The chat is tonight, at 7:30pm Central, and in case you didn't know #RPGnetchat is an MIRC chat channel which you can easily access by clicking here. 

I will be up for talking about anything RPG-related. Note that the rules of the chat (unless they've changed from the last time I was invited there) state "no politics" so I won't be able to answer questions explicitly about politics, but yes about my own writing, the RPG hobby/industry, and anything related to my various game products (especially RPGPundit Presents, but also Dark Albion, Cults of Chaos, Arrows of Indra, Lords of Olympus, or my soon-to-be-released Lion & Dragon Medieval Authentic RPG). 

So, go check it out and come join us tonight for a few hours of Pundit!


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