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Friday 13 October 2017

Pictures From Uruguay!

Because fuck it, I'm busy working.

Here's some more pictures from the huge and amazing Tristan Narvaja street fair, which takes place every Sunday, about 9 blocks from my house.

Birds are just one of a huge variety of animals that are sold at the fair. These are pretty plain, but there's often also chickens and roosters, weird local birds, parrots, and more.

Antiques are another common feature in the market.

Here's a closer look at some of the curios:

Street food is another common feature, and delicious!

If you like that sort of thing, there's a huge selection of crystals (Uruguay being one of the biggest sources of Quartz and Amethyst):

This here? This is one of the side-streets.  It just goes on forever.

I think I'll stop there for now. And next time I do this I'll show you what you find on the very fringes of the side-streets of the fair.


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