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Friday 1 February 2019

G+ Exodus: Where To Find Me Now

G+ is closing down for good. As tomorrow, now new profiles, communities or events can be created. As of April 2nd, the whole site vanishes.

So, I figured that this is the right moment to share with all of you where you will be able to find me from here on in.

First of all, there's this blog! Obviously, I continue to post here (almost) daily.
Then, there's my Youtube Channel. I post there once or twice a week.
After that, there's also theRPGsite forums, which are still the best possible discussion forum for RPGs in the entire internet.

But none of those are really G+ style social media. So here's where you can find me on a few:

First off, here I am on It's a nascent but great free-speech focused social media network.  Be sure to add me. Also, be sure to check out my group there, OSR Minds!

Next up, here I am on MeWe! MeWe is a (horribly named) social media network focused on security and privacy, which makes it a bit annoying to me. They're so privacy-focused it's hard to find anyone; even though there's probably more gamers on MeWe than on Minds, it's a lot harder to find them. Still, if  you're new to MeWe add me, and then add all the people on my friends list or whatever!
Also, there's groups, just like Google's. I run the MeWe Dungeon Crawl Classics group there (the good one, not the 'dcc' one run by SJWs), as well as the Inglorious OSR group, and finally the new Dark Albion/Lion & Dragon Mewe Group!

Other than that, there's also Twitter (@KasimirUrbanski), of course. My tweets are a steady mix of political and RPG-related and RPG-political.
Currently, I've spent the last couple of days telling a whole lot of recently unemployed Establishment journalists that they should try to learn to code.

Finally, there's Facebook. I have a Facebook Page, but I rarely use it for more than posting blog and video updates. Still, feel free to like it, and if that's the only social media you use feel free to write me there.

So, I'll sure miss G+. But I hope to see all of you in these various other places where I can be found.


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  1. I just point every media-controlled network I'm on to my blog.