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Monday, 18 February 2019

Inappropriate Characters: Discussing the Zak S Scandal

So here's our latest episode of Inappropriate Characters:

In other news related to stuff we were talking about in the livestream, apparently D&D Beyond has now erased the names of ALL of the Consultants from their online PHB credits, as the way to bend over to SJW demands without risking a lawsuit for picking off individual contributors.

They're literally unpersoning people from history now. Because that's what the PHB credits are now: history. They're not a prize, an ongoing title, or something that can be undone. They represent something that actually happened: a bunch of us were hired to consult on the 5th edition of D&D. Removing those credits amounts to trying to rewrite history, and nothing else.

Congrats, Wizards of The Coast: you're Stalinists working at the beck and call of the little Stalins of post-modern progressivism, for whom truth has no meaning whatsoever.



  1. Fuck Wizards of the Coast. They used to be cool but now they're bowing down to the SJW outrage horde and are punishing the many consultants on D&D 5E for the crimes of one man.

    I can understand WOTC making a public statement openly denouncing Zak and his actions, but to erase history like this is an insult to all the innocent people who worked hard as consultants on 5th Edition D&D, yourself included.

  2. Yes, State authority came for you and Zak, arrested you, killed you, and then coverty censored you out of history.

    I understand how frustrating it must be for all observable evidence to run contrary to the above, in every way.

    Hyperbolic attempt at an comparison aside, what the fuck did you even do for 5e pundit? Maybe you ought to have some claim besides 'I consulted' because it looks to me like you did Jack shit, and you are rightly being removed from the credits.

    1. The fact that these are little Stalinists who don't have the power to put me in a gulag doesn't mean that they wouldn't if they could. It's pretty obvious that they are completely dedicated to the idea that someone they feel has committed a "SocJus" crime (which can be as simple as not voting the way they think everyone should be required to) should be stripped of all possibility to exist. They cheer when dissenting voices are not just banned but stripped of all possibility of obtaining income, even to the extent of having bank accounts shut down. They would literally be happy if these people starved.

      As for what I did, I exchanged literally hundreds of emails, personally, with Mike Mearls, going over step-by-step the core mechanics and character creation features, and some of the other areas of the game to a lesser extent.

      That's why I wasn't just credited, but paid.

  3. Pundit,

    Everything you go through in this video is important to the current state of "geekdom." Giving cover to Zak is only part of the problem. Social Justice retards have taken over the communities and the industry in hopes of making it as asinine as the rest of geek pop culture (mostly comics). Would love to sit down with you and have a good conversation. If you can, reach out to me at!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What would you like to converse about?

  4. You got Zak S wrong. There are worlds outside D&D and more real than the munchkins making up the SJW and OSR. His concept of DIY D&D tells you something. Zak is more STREET than anyone else involved with him. His burning bridges is his natural contempt for the scene, anyone coming from real poverty will have for rich kids. His involvement in porn should tell you something. Abusive relationships happen, and they are the personal tragedy of the people involved in it. They need professional help. Mearls is feckless, just like Gygax TSR was, when they got rid of demons and devils in the MM to placate the supposedly angry parents and religious fundamentalists. And you don't come off good either, morally speaking, gloating on this.