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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Lords of Olympus Update: Lucky Kitten's Legs

So, after some delays, here's another update of my current Lords of Olympus campaign! As usual, this one is not written by me, but by Aetos' player. This is actually from an earlier session, as we will be catching up (hopefully)!

On Olympus
Aetos: Aetos saw an opportunity. When Zeus was discussing with Arrit about how she was pursued by Hera, Arrit threw out a paper that she said Prometheus had given her, including the names of all the Gods and how much she should trust them (conveniently marked in green, yellow and red, but Arrit didn’t seem to care.) One of Aetos' servants took the paper and then Aetos delivered it to Hera, so she could use it to scry on Prometheus, as it was once touched by him. Hera hid it in a safe spot and declared that she wouldn’t forget their alliance, as both of them saw Prometheus as a threat to Olympus’s safety, and were both willing to hunt him down. He also made good friend with Hephasteus and convinced him to start crafting something that could capture Prometheus. Trying to gain more power, he won a bet against Nike to destroy a big giant mountain rock on Olympus, obtaining 5 free rides on Nike’s mighty fast chariot, but, when he destroyed this mountain, debris killed one of Hestia’s(The Goddess of Homes) trusted servants.

Arrit: on the other side, was presented to some of the Gods before her acceptance in the Olympian council. She met Persephone, Demeter, Apollo, his son Ascelpius (God of Medicine, who Arrit pretty much dismissed and insulted in front of everyone), Heracles, Hebe and their sons Alexiaires and Anicetus. Many Gods gave Arrit gifts for her passing, including some flowers for Persephone’s hair, medicine by Ascelpius(who was really humiliated as it was rejected as boring by Arrit) a cat from Corey and a bird necklace from Aetos. While the vote was cast in Arrits favor, she decided to rip off the legs off a cat, completely horrifying Persephone and Demeter, in order to gift something to her nephews, Alexiaires and Anicetus…who actually thought that was pretty cool. As Zeus emerged and declared a feast would occur the following day for the naming of Arrit as a new Goddess, they decided on giving her the appropriate title of the Goddess of Impulsiveness.

Fito: The following day, Fito was hanging around with Triton, telling him that Arrit was actually madly in love with her (as this convinced him that it was worthwhile to come from Atlantis). As a man of the ladies, Triton tried to seduce Arrit, but Zeus told him that this BETTER BE FOR A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP. Arrit said that the only way that she would accept a guy, is if that person fought her to unconsciousness in a duel. Triton, surprisingly, accepted to do this at the party, being encouraged by Fito, who told him this must have been Prometheus messing with Arrit's head while she was captured.
This ultimately proved useless, and ended up with Dionysus crashing Arrit’s party with some 80’s music and high heel boots. A lot of drinks, bets with PCs and awkward family moments later, Dionysus escaped with Arrit, both completely naked and drugged out of their minds, out of Olympus, arguing the family was too boring. They ended up on some modern earth after an insane drug trip, with BOLT-0, a goddamned tiger and Pan, the goat God of Arcadia. On his side, Fito talked and made an alliance with Themis, telling her that he knew about Guillermo’s primordial origins. He afterwards decided to go Hades.

On a Stranded Island.
Corey: Meanwhile, Corey set out to find Ares, he was stranded in a specific island filled world, and after convincing some pirates in a very badass intimidation scene, she took their boat, but drifted on the islands as a big storm came. She later managed to find Ares, who had taken the Nautilus and completely subjugated it, and was now in control of Poseidon’s ship. Hera told them to stay put meanwhile, as to not cause a direct conflict with Poseidon, so they decided to explore Epic India where an entire army seemed to have been defeated without even having a single body of their attackers. Impressed by how someone that WASN’T Ares managed to do something like this, Ares and Corey went out to investigate. Apparently, some Olympian had killed a 100,000 men just for obtaining a sword called “the Primordial Sword”. They also found some parchment in Sanskrit. They decided to go to Hera to report and see what she knows, since she has quite an influence in Epic India.

(if you want to play an OSR game in Epic India, check out Arrows of Indra!)

In the Underworld.
Paneb decided to go to Olympus to present himself. He had quite the adventure, losing Frank on the way and getting lost multiple times, and finally having to sell a drop of blood from his wrist to a witch of Tyche, the Goddess of Luck, just to get the proper directions to go to Olympus. He presented himself to Zeus, passing by Aetos and Hudson, but then just said…hi.?...

On …just too many worlds to count.
Helena…is now practically considered the Goddess of Sidequests. She has now Toilette, and the Hippomagus, a half-hippopotamus – half barely competent mage by her side. She has found a lot of boxes, each leading them to a different location. Now she is moving towards the Tower of Babel, as per the last box. The whole group has now unanimously agreed that Helena should just call every other PC so we can all go together to smash Selene’s face for being such a dick.

On Olympus.
Guillermo Hudson arrived to Olympus, he spent quite a bit of time scrying, as always, and then trained with Bia, Zelus and Kratos, Zeus’s bodyguards. He met Aetos when he was doing his bet with Nike, who is one of the Bodyguards sister, Goddess of Victory, and charioteer to Zeus. He afterwards talked with Zeus, and they decided to talk to the Moirae to know about Guillermo’s parentage. The Moirae appeared, with Themis and Zeus, their fathers, in the room, and revealed that Guillermo Hudson’s parent is actually Aether, god of the Sky and barrier that covers Olympus. They also revealed a grave prophecy….The end of the multiverse as we know it is near. The door that must not be opened is opened and the God Who Comes is near, the end of the throne of Zeus is near. The multiverse finds itself in great danger, but only 5 young Godlings can stop the chaos…The abandoned girl, the lost child, the impossible child, the primordial child and the redeeming child…

Is Zeus loosing his shit completely?Can Hudson now declare himself the God of excessive teenage phone usage? Will Arrit ever be sober in this entire arc?

ONLY FATE…Truly knows.

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