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Tuesday 6 January 2015

EveryJoe Tuesday

Today on "Riposte Modernism" over at EveryJoe, I talk about how Free Speech has to be the way to go, every time.  If you aren't arguing for Free Speech, you are arguing for Might Makes Right, and while in the short term that may let you think that you can champion or project certain vulnerable people, in the long term, Might Makes Right has never been very good for minorities.  So it's not about whether the cause is left wing or right wing, it's all about whether you're Han Solo or Darth Vader.

An update on yesterday's blog:  So, amusingly, the RPGnet mod-clique has decided to remove the "topic ban" on me and Zak, in reaction to Zak's image and my blog, specifically to go on to misrepresent us as "gamergaters".  Absurd of course, since I don't even play video games (and have been neutral on that whole kettle of fish), and Zak and Mandy have both been strongly anti-gamergate.

But there you are, the RPGnet Modclique have never, ever let the truth stop them from character assassination.


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  1. I would like to understand the context for your post better. Can you point me to some examples of the 'Left' fighting against free speech? Thank you.

    1. Hmm, a good question! Among others they're trying to censor:

      Conservative Speakers at Colleges:

      Academic Freedom at Universities in General:

      Feminist anti-genital-mutilation activists:


      Sex-positive feminists:

      My little pony satire:

      Steve Colbert:

      And many more!

    2. Thank you, I will check these out.