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Saturday 31 January 2015

Pundit-Notes From The Great Forge Reunion Battle of 2015: Addendum 1: Who Runs the Game?

Pundit-Notes From the Great Forge Reunion Battle of 2015

Wherein Ron Edwards Complained That People Still Remembered "Brain Damage", and Were Still mad at him for it;
and Wherein Ron Edwards Tried to Take Credit for the OSR

Addendum 1

Additional Thoughts After The Battle
Who's The Boss of The Game?

Fundamentally, your RPG table is going to be run by one of these three:

1.A self-styled genius game designer who probably lives thousands of miles away from anyone at the table and has never met any of them.

2. 4-6 players who are meant by very definition of the player's role to put themselves first; though factually if you say "the players are in charge" then what will really happen is "the one player who is most loud and/or manipulative will be in charge and will make the game about his personal satisfaction".

3.  the GM.

1 and 2 are never the right answer. It has to be 3; and so the alternative to having a "bad GM" can't be to use the system in order to hamstring/neuter the GM.  The real solution is just the 'free market': the fact that players can and should leave behind bad GMs.  You can only fix the 'bad GM' problem by walking away.

And the only contribution to a solution RPG books, social media, or forums can do to solve the problem/risk of "bad GMs" is to train better GMs.  Not by giving them rules and restrictions, but by doing what books like Amber Diceless did: show them how to master their art, how to establish emulation effectively, how to deal better with problem players, and how to use their ABSOLUTE authority responsibly.


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  1. Agility training. It gives dogs confidence, it can do the same for people.

  2. I thought it obvious that any game is necessarily run by all three in some combination and that possibilities for such combinations are endless.

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