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Thursday 29 January 2015

On Not Being Understood

If people fail to understand your jargon, that's YOUR failure, not their's.

Unless, of course, it's your goal to Not Be Understood so that you can feel/pretend to be 'intellectual'.

Which is naturally the goal for certain types of people.

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  1. Is this not the goal of modern humanities? Obfuscate the fact that you are saying nothing and then claim to be misunderstood by small minds.

    1. Pretty much. Humanities, and Storygaming.

    2. I am not qualified to speak for all the Humanities, but at least for linguistics and social anthropology, the answer is one big NO.

      Also, you may claim as hard as you like, that your reviewers or your editors or those guys that made no reference to you in their work have misunderstood your paper. In the modern academic world this is not going to help you a bit.