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Thursday 22 October 2015

Aquelarre Kickstarter

Today I'm here to tell you about how there's FINALLY a kickstarter for creating an English translation of one of the oldest and by far the very best of all Spanish-Language RPGs: Aquelarre.

Set in a magic-infused version of 13th century Iberia, with a system that very clearly "cloned" BRP, this game is a gritty majestic and very dark kind of tour of medieval adventure.  If you like Dark Albion, you will undoubtedly like Aquelarre. In fact, you will probably be able to use Aquelarre as an Albion sourcebook, if nothing else.

So yeah, absolutely, unconditionally (as long as they don't actually change anything other than the language), I totally endorse this product to any of you.


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  1. it already exists in Frog tongue, it is very good setting.

  2. Sounds awesome. Will save me lots of work if it is good.

  3. Looks like it just doubled its money raised in the last 24 hours. I think they owe me a review copy.

  4. May be you know this site, unfortunataly no in English, where we try to collect all version of RPG in the world (1) : The Grog, Guide of the Galactic Roleplayer :

    Inside you can see lot's of the previous version and adds to the game (spanish adds)

    (1) - at least in Frogland, but isn't it the same ?