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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Traveller Campaign Update: Live From Guantanamo Edition

In this adventure, the PCs had been "renditioned" by the Empire to the Gash, the formerly-legendary decommissioned starship in the middle of nowhere that has been converted into the Empire's secret political prison for people they need to have "disappeared".

(The Empire Needs to Bury People in a Space-Hole for Freedom!)

Naturally, for the PCs, it very quickly became less like this:

And more like this:

(and yes, in this metaphor, I'm saying that the PCs are basically Dr. Evil; which is not far from the truth at this point)

While in the prison the PCs found out that one of their interrogators was none other than Agent Arisa, who they'd met ages ago when the campaign was considerably less batshit insane (though amusingly, they thought it was totally crazy back then and couldn't possibly get much nuttier... nowadays we refer to that as the "age of innocence").  Back then she was pretending to be the widow of Uncle Roman, the asshole who got them into all this mess, until she was revealed as a secret agent of the Imperial Intelligence Service.  Now, she's in charge of interrogating/probably-torturing them.

(this is likely to be the end result, I'm guessing)

The PCs decided to cooperate, but their story is so insane there's likely to be zero chance that anyone will believe them.

They also spent some time in the prison yard, where one of them got shivved, and one of them got beaten to a bloody pulp (twice).  This necessitated a couple of visits to the ship's doctor:

A few of them just had some interesting talks with the other motley crew of weirdos being kept here.  This includes the foppish upper class twit that inflicted just a touch of violent genocide and cannibalism on his own people:

(trust me, if you're Latin-American this reference is hilarious)

And then there's the mystery prisoner in room #13, the one that they never let out of his cell (and this is in a place where they let the genocidal dictator out... to say nothing of the PCs):

(speculation includes: the Emperor's twin, the real Emperor, Grandfather Paradox, the Doctor, and "some random asshole")

The interrogation team suspects the PCs of being either spies or dupes of the Zhodani Consulate, which of course makes it quite ironic that they get secretly approached by a Zhodani spy undercover in the prison who wants to convince the PCs to defect. They decide that they're actually pretty comfortable here and don't particularly feel like spending the rest of their lives in an alien culture where everyone can read their mind.

Oh yeah, and speaking of reading minds, one of the PCs is slowly becoming a god. Or at least, slowly becoming Grandfather, who's consciousness is trapped inside him as a desperate last safeguard against death.

(Sure, right now he's gaining incredible knowledge skills and psychic powers, but we all know this isn't going to end well)

Anyways, that's it for now. The PCs are still stuck in the Gash but none of them seem the least bit worried about getting out when they're good and ready. For now, they're almost treating it like a vacation.  After all the insane demented shit they've been through, being political prisoners in a forgotten hell-hole has become their definition of "taking a few days off".


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