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Tuesday 6 October 2015

Everyjoe Tuesday: Wish the Left Could Stand for Speech Edition

I'd be over the moon if the Left got back to defending freedom of speech on more than those very few occasions where it's suddenly convenient for them.

But if they don't, I'm going to stand with the people who stand with me. My Everyjoe article today points out that all the people who have a problem with sites like Everyjoe or Breitbart standing up for free speech should really be asking why the fuck Salon or Kos never ever ever do (except in the most hypocritical way, when one of their own, like the woman who is now facing criminal charges for tweeting "#killallmen", comes along).

In other news, we can now confirm that the eschaton is approaching, because I'm now on Twitter
WARNING: 90% of what I post there will be politics.  If you're not into that, don't bother following me there. 


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