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Sunday 11 October 2015

Traveller Campaign Update: The Zombie Right Stuff Edition

The game tonight, the first in almost two months, started out with the PCs in the middle of an insect-alien version of this:

Mixed with this:

Mixed with this:

The Terminator bought them time to get away from the Dalek/Zombie hordes, and they made their way through steam tunnels to the abandoned, zombie-ravaged outskirts of the alien city:

They need to get to the secret space launch platform in the mountains, so they find a mechanics workshop and suddenly they're this:

Bypassing zombie hordes and Dalek patrols (along the way discovering that it looks like the Daleks are literally sawing the planet in half), they make it to the secret launch pad.  Suddenly, they're in this:

They make it up to space, find that something (or someone) seems to have destroyed the Dalek mother-ship, and get to the Stargate leading them out of the pocket universe and back to regular "n" space.

They dive in:

And yes:

N-space is full of stars. Unlike the pocket universe's e-space, which only  had the three.

But since they were going through a wormhole in what amounted to an apollo module, they barely made it through alive, and passed out right after arrival.

And when they woke up, they found themselves in The Gash, which is the Traveller version of this:

Welcome home, guys!


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