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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Pictures From Uruguay

Time for some more pictures!

First, some street scenes around my neighbourhood (the Cordon, which to me is one of the best neighbourhoods to live in: relatively quite safe, affordable, and becoming more hipster by the minute):

An interesting mix of architectural styles as you can see. And note the last pic: dude has a trophy display in his rooftop patio.  I have a rooftop patio in The Abbey too, but not quite so elaborate, and without any of the hunting trophies.

Montevideo is apparently one of the greenest cities in South America, with tree-lined streets throughout, and some lovely foliage.

Finally, here's a shot of the best place to buy coffee by far in the entire city:

El Carioca is actually a coffee wholesaler, but they have a storefront where they sell retail to people in the know. They have a ridiculous variety of coffee (especially by Uruguayan standards) of a much higher grade than anywhere else in town.  The owner is incredibly knowledgeable, and insists on giving you free shots of espresso to try his different blends, served out of a $1000 machine. Next to the tobacconist, it's pretty well my favorite shopping excursion (and only about five blocks from The Abbey).

Anyways that's it for today!


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  1. I can see that the picture quality has improved with the new phone :)

    Well done Pundit, well done

    1. Actually, all of the pics I've taken in this series were taken with a digital camera, and I've been using the same one the whole time. I'm definitely not a very good photographer, but maybe I'm getting a little better over time?

  2. Then you are indeed getting better at it, my good friend :)