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Tuesday 20 December 2016

Break Tuesday: Trump-Attack-Faking vs. Real-Honor-Killing Edition

In today's article, I talk about how there is a REAL hate-crime going on in the story of the woman who faked a 'hate crime' (alleging falsely that she was attacked by Trump-fans on the NYC subway), but no one in the mainstream media seems to want to talk about it!

Maybe because it's got to do with an adult woman so terrified of her own strict Muslim family that she'd lie about having been attacked by Trump-voters to try to cover up having gone drinking with her non-Muslim boyfriend.  Maybe she's so scared, because of the fact that there's over two dozen honor-killings in the USA every year, and the actions her parents took at her court trial only make it more clear her life is potentially in danger.

So, find out about Yasmin Seweid lied about one hate-crime, but could end up the victim of a real Islamist hate-crime from her own family.

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  1. We might have an honor killing here in Canada too

    1. It's certainly not the first one in Canada. I'm fairly sure it's happened MORE often, certainly per capita, in Canada than in the US.