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Sunday 25 December 2016

Happy Doctor Who Day

No entry today. Maybe, if I have a lot to say about it, there'll be something a lot later about the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

EDITED TO ADD: Well, I watched it. Just after an amazing steak and potato dinner by "Bill the Elf" who happens to be a superstar chef (though he now only cooks for friends and family).  The quality of the beef, which is always good in Uruguay but somehow Bill always gets the very very best, is the sort of thing you'd pay a fortune for in North America. The potatoes seasoned to perfection. The wine (Argentinian, if I recall, which by the way I find vastly superior to Chilean wines) was the perfect accompaniment.
As for the episode, it was not really as great as the meal. But that's sort of to be expected.  Christmas specials are ALWAYS especially goofy and fantastical in nature. At least this one had the virtue of not being overly obsessed with the whole 'Christmas' theme. The villains were decent. Capaldi did his usual good job of playing the Doctor, though he didn't have any of those truly transcendentally spectacular "Doctor" moments he's had in some other episodes. I even found myself liking Nardole better than I had in previous episodes he'd appeared in (which is good, because it looks like he's going to be a regular next season).

I think I might have looked on it less kindly had it not been that I'd felt absolutely starved of Doctor Who after a year without the series. Anyways, thank fuck that now there's going to be a new series coming up in a few months.

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