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Wednesday 21 December 2016

Break Wednesday: Jedi Religion Edition!

Yes, I know, I've been having a lot of articles this week. But that's just how it  goes sometimes. Anyways, I'm pretty busy otherwise with trying to crawl through the slog of making my 'short' medieval-authentic set of Appendix P OSR rules.

Today, in any case, we look at a recent item in the news where the UK Charity Commission made a final judgment on the question of whether "Jedi" is a real religion. In the sense of granting 'charity' status to a "Jedi Temple" at least, they apparently are NOT.

But are they, actually? As's resident expert on religious studies, I've been charged with the task of analyzing whether the UK govt got it wrong.  The UK Government says "Jedi" is not a Real Religion.. but is it?

Please check it out, and please reshare it everywhere if you liked it!


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