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Thursday 8 December 2016

DCC Campaign Backstage: The Backstagening pt.7

Pundit: Happy birthday Shebubu?

Shebubu: Yes. Thanks.

Bill: Level up! Rick/Rickandra/Chu/Shebubu and whoever I am forgetting.

Shebubu: The Dwarf but I forgot his name already. And Shul.

Bill: Shul, right.

Bill: Transparent wizard, heavy breathing.

Transparent Wizard: I managed to half-complete an 11x11x11

Pundit: That man in the rubik's picture is one of the world's most accomplished virgins.

Bill: LOL

Bill: Verschlimmbessern should be a patron taint if bill were a patron.

Morris: Well, then, who is going?

Bill: You, Shebubu, the Equestrian? Priscilla.The Old Lady.

Shebubu: No. Priscilla stays behind. Its the whole demon idol thing again, I am not going to toilet train it.

Bill: You heal me, so, whatever you say, boss

Shebubu: I was expecting the Losha-the-Fishman treatment, Well this is a lot better.

Bill: then kill her and be done with it.  Bill wont, she is a reminder of Ted.
But if you do, Bill will not stop you. We will go later to look for this bomb thing
Bill's Priorities, clear things up with the Azure Order, learn find object, off the vampire, nuke Monautholia.

OMG, that sounds delicious!

Bill: Giving Priscilla to the Archemaster would kill two birds with one shot.

Shebubu: She is not a virgin, or human, or perfect.

Bill: Mmmm, correct.

Shebubu: All things wrong.

Bill: We can find one with Locate Object.

Equestrian: Ok, it's a no on my side. I won't be done with work on time tomorrow so I'll have to skip this one too. Sorry guys, see you next one.
Also, feeding Priscilla to the Archmaester was my idea first!

Shebubu: Shite.

Pundit: Well, it'll be three players then. Should be good fun anyways!

Bill: Great.  Just to check, Morris, will you be on time? Or shall we start without you and meet you in the Azure Tower?

Morris: I don't think so. Do as you will.

Bill: OK. Maybe they sent you there from Gaga to go through creep camp and clear your head.

Morris: I'm going.

Bill: OK.

(after the session)

Shebubu: I don't think anyone would expect the happiest place in the world would be called the shithole.

Bill: We almost saw a bullete.

Shebubu: And what I think was a Mi-Go or a Byakee or something else entirely.

Morris: Bckaw! Bckaw!

Shebubu: Yes, cacatua sounds. Perfect with a chicken dance.

Bill: Sigh.


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