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Wednesday 14 December 2016

DCC Campaign: The Backstagening Pt. VIII: My Friends and Other Animals

(here's some more of the no-longer-private backstage chat on social media among my DCC players, about the campaign):

Shabubu: Everything worked, mostly because of our peace loving ways, or shabubu would like to think that.

Bill: I Could picture these animals in DCC:

Pundit: Well, I guess it'll remain to be seen, whether or not Bill comes.

Equestrian: So it's gonna be a surprise!
In my experience, Bill 's surprises are not really enjoyable.

Pundit: It's Schrodinger's Bill. He's in the Neutral Zone right now.

Transparent Wizard: He is being used by his patron for evil purposes and voluntarily evil at the same time until you open the box.

Bill: Ass and hole at the same time, or neither.
That did sound much better before I wrote it.

Shebubu: "That sounded better in my head" is changing from a catchphrase to a way of life.

Bill: better than  "I teleport and throw a grenade"!
it's almost up there to 'I shoot magic missile at the darkness'.

Shebubu: Well, They are from very different realms, one is from the realm of the impossible, while the other is from the realm of faulty planning, Like becoming a cleric.

Bill: Ah, poor incompetent cleric. You just need more money to burn!

Shebubu: Well, I am already Feeling the Bern, Like 500 gold to the trash in one go.

Bill: Small change.

Transparent Wizard: You never saw Ackbasha complaining.

Bill: Exactly! Be a good Shububu. Follow in the steps of Ackbasha!
Except the part where you kill bill.

Pundit: The money isn't the goal. First you get the money. Then you get the power. And then, you get murdered by a minotaur.

Equestrian: Whoa whoa whoa!
Hold on a second!
You can't cast Magic Missile at the darkness.

Shebubu: Well, maybe if you name someone the darkness you can. Mind = Blown

Equestrian: That joke has been done to death.

Shebubu: Well Magic Missile to the darkness haves probably more years than some people on the internet right now.

Equestrian: And any other combination of magic missile and darkness chu.

Shebubu: Holyfuck, 1996, that is how old the whole magic missile thing is. 20 fucking years.

Equestrian: That's....not that old, dude.

Shebubu: From internet time its old.

Equestrian: Just like your mom!

Bill: Hello darkness my old friend.


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