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Wednesday 20 September 2017

Looking for a New Publisher for My Short-products Series!

So, I've been writing to you all the last little while about how I've been working with a publisher on creating a line of short products. Tentatively called "Pundit Presents", these are all works under 10 pages long that will be sold for a nominal cost as PDFs.

Unfortunately, the publisher I'd currently been working with has, due to personal reasons, been forced to back out.  I'm not going to say who it was because this wasn't about anything other than something to do with their lives.  Some work had already been done, including a cover format and some templates for the material.

I was already set back by the delays that the above caused. So now, I'm not wanting any bullshit. I just want to get straight to business: I want to find a new publisher.

Here's what you'd have to be:
-A publisher who's done at least one product before!

-Ideally, an OSR publisher; as in that you may have published other stuff but you've published at least one OSR thing.

-Who's ready to put up with the Pundit! Not so much me personally, ask any publisher I've ever worked with, I'm really a wonderful co-worker. I mean not being afraid of what Swine will say about you for being associated with me.

Here's what you would have to do:

-My products are all going to have the same basic cover (apart from the title) and format, so all you really need to do is have the time to take what I write (again, products that will usually be 2-6 pages), make it fit the template, proofread, and then put it up for sale.
The plan is to have one product coming out each week, and later potentially making anthologies.

-Be able to do this without interruptions (within reason) and starting QUICKLY (this project is already months behind).

So, if YOU want to publish me in this project that will be relatively easy, fun, and hopefully profitable, please get in touch with me as soon as possible!


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  1. Would it require sourcing art? Seems like with a one-week turnaround, the answer is no. I think it's worth a discussion, at least. gamingballisticllc at gmail dot com?

    1. For the most part, no. This is intended to be a low-cost no-thrills product. There may be in some cases some products that could use maps, or where some art could conceivably be added. However, the thing is that the "turnaround" isn't going to be one-week either. I have over a dozen of these already written. So the idea would always be to do it magazine-style; I'm putting out stuff for future releases, you're working on the layout/editing of the product due out two or three weeks from now, and we have a backlog of one or two or more products already done, for releasing this week and next week.

      So when we get the setup done, it'll all be a low-effort smoothly oil machined. Well, for you. I still have to write the damn things.

    2. Heh. Stil kinda interested. I'll want to talk skills, meaning mine, because if you're looking for someone with seamless and quick InDesign (template or no) turnaround, I'm probably not your man. I'm good with multitasking, project management, and I'm a budding but decent editor. Still working the "what does Gaming Ballistic want to be" question.

  2. Hello PPGPundit, I would like to talk more about this opportunity with you.

    - Mark Gedak, Purple Duck Games (

    1. I've sent you an email (two actually). Did you get them?