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Saturday 30 September 2017

My New Publisher for Pundit Presents!

So, a while back I made a second call for publishers for a planned serial of small OSR supplements I'm going to call "Pundit Presents".  My first publisher (contracted around late May) was very eager but had a series of different problems he ran into. It was not really any blame on him, and it had nothing to do with any personal conflicts or political issues, so I'm not going to bring up his name here.

I made a call for a new publisher a little over a week ago. I had about five serious offers; among those you can see from the comments in the original call, there was Gaming Ballistic and Purple Duck Games, both of which are clearly really excellent companies that made very professional pitches to try to recruit me.

But in the end, the best pitch ended up being from an old friend.  On account of the length and scope of this project, I decided that the most important thing of all would be that I'd be able to be absolutely certain of the long-term endurance and dependability of the publisher in question.

So I'm happy to report that I've decided on none other than Precis Intermedia, who have already worked with me in publishing my Lords of Olympus RPG.  And as anyone who owns a copy of LoO (especially the color edition) knows, they do good work!

What's more, I'm happy to say that Precis has gone straight to work.  The great Brett Bernstein reliably informs me that we should have Pundit Presents #1: "Dungeonchef" sometime within the next week! And it will be one new product every week after that.

So, stay tuned!


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